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About Maasai Festival

The festival is a one of a kind event that is curated to promote domestic and international tourism in Tanzania by using one of Africa’s prominent tribes as a portal to other tribes, the Maasai’s. Maasai Festival is intended to promote internal tourism through showcasing Maasai cultural norms and values, that will portray Cultural dressing, Cultural Dance, Cultural cooking and various customs that prevails in Tanzania.

The event will intend to influence behavioral changes within us in order to motivate internal tourism to many Tanzanians to have more influence in knowing the importance of tourism in general. Through this event we will start by changing the mind sets of most Tanzanians towards tourism. It will also open up doors for international tourisms to come and experience Tanzania.


We have chosen Maasai tribe due to their peculiar way of life that has been maintained with effort to preserve their norms and culture. The Maasai tribe has proved that even with the technological advancements, it’s still possible to hold onto who we are as Africans

The Maasai tribe have been able to maintain their dressing style, eating habit, security system, traditional medical practices, living among wild animals, and many more. We have selected the Maasai so as to influence other Tanzanian tribes to believe that we can preserve the good ways of life we have and due to their uniqueness, they will attribute in the expansion of tourism activities.

  • To provide an opportunity for members of the community to share their life experiences amongst each other and people from other walks of life.
  • To strengthen cultural diversity within the community and increase visibility of Tanzanian culture by using the Maasai as entry point domestically and internationally.
  • To help the Maasai Festival Become a community movement in addressing diversity issues as a whole.
  • To collaborate with various stakeholders that represent or serve different groups in the community.
  • To draw in tourist and engage different groups into the event.


The Maasai Festival 2023

Let's Collaborate And Make It Successful.

In order to host a successful event, we need support from our identified targeted stakeholder’s, Together,we could collaborate to celebrate good sound and great content. Celebrating talent and innovation. All in the goal of promoting domestic and international tourism in Tanzania.



For Sponsorship/Partnership

Please Contact +255 714 363 751


Please Contact +255 714 363 751

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