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Kilimanjaro Safari and Zanzibar Itinerary


On arrival at Kilimanjaro international airport meet our safari manager and drive to Mount Meru Hotel in Arusha or similar in Moshi. After check in the hotel our Kilimanjaro manager & your guide will join you for detailed briefing & gear checking. He will then leave you to relax and spend the rest of the day at the hotel before dinner & overnight.

Overnight at Mount Meru Hotel in Arusha. Dinner and breakfast included.

Vegetation type: Rain forest

Your day starts with a transfer from your hotel to Machame gate at 1,815 m, the drive is along villages and local farms of maize cassava, sweet potatoes, banana, coffee etc. Then arrive at machame gate for registration and other Park logistics, after you will begin your hiking along the lavish forest, you may expect rain, mud & sometime fog at this section.

Kilimanjaro safari and Zanzibar beach day one is along the rain forest you will possibly hear the numerous native and migratory birds in the shade above and you can frequently see some monkeys like Sykes monkeys as well as Black and White Colobus moving around the trees. Proceed with hiking further up before arriving at your last point of a day the Machame Camp at 9850 ft. Porters & cook will arrive early at the camp as they are so faster so will find them already pitched your tent, mess tent and others, you will have hot water to wash before siting for coffee or tea with some bites. hang around the camp until dinner time, after dinner you may go to sleep.

Overnight at Machame Camp. All meals included.

Vegetation type: Heather & Moorland

After breakfast at the lodge start your day on Kilimanjaro by hiking across the gorgeous heather land as well as alpine moorland with a stunning views of the Kilimanjaro crown. Then we start up the precarious track through a Savannah of tall grasses, and trees of Giant Heather and Erica. You will Scramble around the extensive rocks as you start entering the moorland zone dominated by Lobelia and Senecio plants, and volcanic rocks hang with the lichen whiskers, which protects the wild alpine blossoms that developing at their bases, then you will reach Shira Camp stands at 12,600 feet (3840 m).

At this campsite, you will be next to a stream where you can have a great view of the Western Breach and its glaciers in the East. Similar to the first night, arriving at the camp other procedures will follow same as the first day, Please get prepared for a very cold night as temperatures drop below freezing at this exposed camp.

Overnight at Shira Camp. All meals included.

Vegetation type: Semi – desert

On this day of your Kilimanjaro Safari & Zanzibar beach, we will move closer the crest as we get closer to the Lava Tower. The trek turns into more strenuous as the trail steepens on the way to deal with the Lava Tower (4630 m), a 300 foot tall volcanic attachment which denote an uncovered go at 15,000 feet. Lunch will be served there while acclimatizing. After lunch and little rest you will go down to lower the altitude from Lava Tower ((4630 m) to Baranco camp (3950 m). This (680 m) drop off will be via a steep trial into the Great Barranco Valley.

Barranco camp is situated on a cool (level range) encased on three sides with steep valley dividers and the Kibo massif itself. Hanging ice sheets glimmer in the daylight above, in the midst of the frightful scene of plants like the monster groundsels (Senecio Kilimanjari) and the extraordinarily endemic Giant Lobelia. Then we gradually climbing up to our overnight stop at Barranco Camp (12,950 feet, this day and the accompanying day will be your acclimatization time. At the camp same procedures will follow as per previous camp. Kilimanjaro Safari & znz.

Overnight at Barranco Camp. All meals included.

Vegetation type: Alpine desert

After breakfast, it is the day to conquer the Great Barranco Wall, Kilimanjaro Safari Tours start with a plunge into the Gorge, before climbing its eastern wall where we will appreciate perspectives of Kilimanjaro’s ice fields, a tropical oddity. We will keep trekking until we reach our camp Karanga Valley camp at (13,900 feet.) 3950 m. This is a good day for acclimatization purpose, at the camp same procedure will apply as for the previous day.

Overnight at Karanga Valley Camp. All meals included.

Habitat: Alpine desert

After breakfast you will trek up through the Karanga Valley, the trail turns relentlessly tough just after the lava ridge to Barafu camp. The temperature will become colder and the scene more meager as we get closer to Barafu Camp. This is the last water stop for the porters because there is no accessible water at Barafu Camp (4600 m).

Barafu Camp is situated at a little uncovered level range on an edge going about as a base camp from which you will make your summit endeavor at midnight of this day. Barafu camp stands at 15,200 feet. This is a short day of your hiking so get enough rest at the camp, gather the strength for you final push to summit at night. At the camp possibly there will be no water to wash only for cooking & drinking. You will have early dinner, the guide will brief you in detail on how to prepare for summit night then get to sleep by 19:00 hrs. Try to get a good sleep as the guide will wake you up before midnight for your final hiking to the summit.

Overnight at Barafu Camp. All meals included.

Incredible 18 days affordable Kilimanjaro safari combine Zanzibar stunning beaches continue as you get to Kilimanjaro peak.

Distance: About 7 km ascent and 23 km descent

Vegetation type: Stone scree and ice-capped summit

Just after 00.00 hrs you will be ready to begin your final trek (12-17 hours) of trekking. You will start trekking at 00:30 or 01.00 hrs going between the Rebmann and Tarzel glaciers to the edge at Stella Point.

The temperatures is just below freezing point at midnight just before beginning at the summit. As sunrise nears, we’ll summit at Uhuru Peak, the most astounding point in Africa at 19,340 feet (5895 m). Uhuru will be the finish of and the prize for 6-7 hours of strenuous trekking, “Congratulation you have made it to the top”. Spend little time at the summit if weather permits before sliding back to Barafu Camp, resting for some time before proceeding with down to Mweka Camp (9,840 feet, it will be 3-4 hours of strolling on the plunge.

Overnight at Mweka Camp. All meals included.

Vegetation type: Rain forest habitat.

After breakfast, you will make our last drop to Mweka gate the strolling of around 3 or 4 hours. Reaching the gate the farewell and tipping session for potters, cook and guides will take place before signing and provided with a worthwhile Kilimanjaro climbing certificate. Then you will driving back to Arusha, arriving in the afternoon you will meet our safari manager for safari briefing. Spend the rest of the day relaxing & may be a long hot shower.

Overnight at Mount Meru Hotel in Arusha. Dinner & breakfast included.

Take your breakfast before 09:00 am and leave for Tarangire National Park. The driving is along the Northern Highway accross Massai steppe & many villages all the way to the Park gate. This beautiful Park located at the foot of the Tanzania’s Great Rift Valley escarpment runs along Tarangire River which is the valuable water source in then Park.

Tarangire is famous for its huge Baobab trees & large elephant population, you may also expect to spot heads of wildebeest, buffalo, zebra, giraffe, hippos, baboons, many antelopes & the giant African elephant. For bird watchers this is the paradise over 400 species of bird have been recorded here which includes the rare species of Ash Staling. Great Kudu & fringed Eared Oryx are among rare species found in Tarangire.

Predators like lion, cheetahs, hyenas, jackals & the ever-elusive leopard are also inhabit this Park. Tarangire Park forms the central annual migratory cycle within Tarangire Lake Manyara ecosystem which include up to 3000 elephants, 25,000 wildebeest and about 30,000 zebra. Late afternoon drive to Marera Valley Lodge near Karatu town.

Overnight at Marera Valey Lodge near Karatu town. All meal included.

After breakfast you will start your journey to the Serengeti National Park, drive across high laying farmland of Karatu and along many village, reach Ngorongoro gate for check in before driving to the highlands of Ngorongoro 2300 m. Stop at the Crater view point for some good pictures of the crater floor from the above. Then drive along the crater rim and down to the endless rolling plains of Serengeti.

On the way you will visit one of the Masai village where by some Masai warrior invites you & take you in and around their houses with some story of their nomadic life around this area, you will meet their kids and other members of the family, you may ask questions & take pictures with them. Later they will sing a farewell song which involves jumping high. Afterward you will have a short drive to Naabi Hill gate where you will check into the Serengeti. You may have your packed lunch at Naabi Hills gate or further at the Copjes (Rocky outcropping) in the Serengeti.

Depending on where the Wildebeest Migration is packed you will drive there & spend the sunset game drive with the migration of herds. You may see some animal actions like hunting fighting even killing, the animal to be encountered are including lions, leopard, hyena, jackal, elephant, giraffe, zebra and many antelopes. Reach your Camp at central Serengeti before or during the sunset. With or without Wildebeest Migration Serengeti is as good as always as not all animals are involving in the migration of herds.

Overnight at Thorn Tree Camp central Serengeti or similar. All Meals included.

Start with the first rays of the day with packed breakfast and lunch box for an early morning game drives. Early morning game drive allows you to spot cat family on the road as they try to avoid the morning mist. You will also see some other predator coming back from their long night of hunting or eating along the road or a group of lioness organizing a morning ambush and many many more animals actions. break for breakfast in the bush afterward, resume your morning game drive.

If Wildebeest Migration will be packed in Serengeti then, you will go straight to where they are and spend as much time as you can with the herds. Afternoon depending on where you are you can break for lunch at Soronera visitors center in central Serengeti. After lunch and some rest you can walk around before embarking with your afternoon game drives. Drive back to your camp before or after sunset.

Overnight at Thorn Tree Camp central Serengeti or similar. All Meals included

After breakfast at your camp Leave for Ngorongoro Crater game drive on the way, descent 600 meters into the crater floor for a wonderful game drives. In this nature wonder of the world only few animals migrate in and out of the crater, you may expect to sport the rare black rhino, zebra, elephant, wildebeest, lion, hyena, cheetah, leopard and others, with a lucky day the Big Five can be spotted in the Crater in one day of game drives. Later afternoon drive to the hotel for dinner & overnight.

Overnight at Marera Valley Lodge near Karatu Town or similar. All meals included.

After leisurely breakfast, return back to Arusha for your flight to Zanzibar in the afternoon. On arrival at Zanzibar airport meet our representative & transfer to Z Hotel Zanzibar or similar for your beach extension.

Overnight at Z Hotel Zanzibar on the Northern part of the Zanzibar Islands. Dinner and breakfast included.

Soothe yourself on the invitingly Zanzibar beaches with option of many water sport including diving, fishing, snorkeling and many more.

Overnight at Z Hotel Zanzibar on the Northern part of the Zanzibar Islands. Dinner and breakfast included.

After spending precious time on the beach, Kilimanjaro safari combine best Zanzibar beach takes you to Zanzibar Stone town (Option) on the way you can do the famous Spice tour that includes short walks around the spice farms where you can see, touch and test most of the spices grown on this Island like cinnamon, cardamon, ginger, paper, nutmeg and many more.

You will also see and test many tropical fruits like durian, jack fruits, passion fruits but this depends on the season. During the tour will experience both Spices, herbs and medicinal plants our experience guide will explain to you on how they us them in medicine, cosmetics and in cooking. Later they will invite you for an opulent lunch cooked with spices. (see Zanzibar Island tour). Later drive to stone town and check in at Tembo House Hotel at the front part of the stone town. If you wish you can walk around the stone town on your own and explore the narrow lines & the ruins.

Overnight at Tembo House Hotel in Stone town or similar. Breakfast included.

Your Kilimanjaro safari and Zanzibar beach holidays ends with a transfer to Zanzibar airport for your departure flight. If you will have late flight (Option) you can go for a guided stone town tour 2 to 3 hours, then to the airport.

Ngorongoro Conservation Area

Of the hundreds of calderas around the world, Ngorongoro Crater is the largest unbroken caldera.

Manyara National Park

Well known for the tree climbing lions, the soda ash lake that attracts thousands and pink flamingos

The Serengeti National Park

A World Heritage Site teeming with wildlife: over 2 million ungulates, 4000 lions, 1000 leopard, 550 cheetahs and some 500 bird.


 The ultimate Indian Ocean experience, with its fascinating history, incredible nature, enchanting sunset and magnificent beaches!

Mount Kilimanjaro

One of the world's Seven Summits that you can hike without climbing gear.Mount Kilimanjaro is the world's tallest free-standing mountain.

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