We can confidently say that this program designed for 12 days, covers the most diverse and spectacular natural monuments and unforgettable beach experience. Lake Manyara, Ngorongoro Crater, the majestic Serengeti valley, Olduvai Gorge and Zanzibar. You have to go a long way from the rainforest to semi-deserts, filled with volcanic rock, to sandy beaches with clear water and turtle experience as if several different worlds with their own lives are willing to present you magnificent impressions and remain unforgettable for a lifetime.



As you arrive at the Kilimanjaro International Airport you are welcomed by our representative who will usher you into a waiting vehicle and transfer you to the Mount Meru Game Lodge around Arusha. Our representative will have a short safari briefing session with you at the lodge and leave you to relax and have dinner.

After breakfast, set out with picnic lunch and drive towards Tarangire National Park, you will enjoy game drive in this lovely and amazing sanctuary of Elephants and the great Baobab trees. You will be able to see endangered as well as threatened species of animals such as Python, cheetah, lesser and greater kudu, Oryx, gerenuk and others. You will also encounter many birds.

This morning after breakfast you will set out to Lake Manyara National Park for a full day game drive. This enormous Park is well renowned for its tree climbing lions, Sodaash Lake and flamingos. You will also encounter many wildlife animals such as elephants, zebras, giraffes, wildebeest and many other.

After breakfast, you will depart very early in the morning and drive through Ngorongoro Highlands to the Crater rim enjoying the great and stunning views of the world’s famous Caldera, descend slowly through the path into the Crater floor, enjoy game drives inside the crater floor, our professional guide will drive to Serengeti national park and overnight at Serengeti national park.

After breakfast, you will set out again with picnic lunch and enjoy a full day of game drives in Serengeti National Park, your private guide will set a great spot for picnic set up. You will stay for 2 nights enjoying game drives through all ends of Serengeti National Park where the herds are expected to be.

After breakfast, you will drive to Serengeti airport to catch flight to Zanzibar.

After breakfast, our professional guide will take you to Jozani natural forest (it is the only natural forest in Zanzibar Island). The forest is located in the central east region of the Zanzibar Island. Just about a 20min drive from Stone Town. It is a narrow neck of land between the Chwaka Bay in the north and Uzi Bay to the south. It contains about 100 tree species from a total of 43 families. The forest has over 2,512ha that includes the whole ground water forest, coral rag forest and salt marsh area. Spice Tour you’ll find tropical fruits, spices and other rare species of plants are among the different vegetation. The Spice Tour in Zanzibar is not only an excursion but a rare experience to prove out why Zanzibar is referred to as the Spice Island and learn about traditional uses in medicine cosmetics and cooking. Lunch on the tour.

City Tour the Stone Town offers a chance for history lovers to know and understand the history of Zanzibar through time. Lots of key buildings are still in place, some being turned into great museums like the infamous House of Wonders and the neighboring Old Fort. The best part of all is exploring the multicultural and multi-religion communities living together in harmony. The Stone Town Tour in Zanzibar will make sure you’re not missing a thing.

The island was once used by an Arab slave trader to contain the more troublesome slaves he had brought from the African mainland to prevent their escape before shipping them to the Arabian purchasers, or for auctioning in Zanzibar slave trade market. The slaves were dumped on the island.

This is a full day boat tour trademarked by popular Eleanor Griplas. The boats are traditional hand-built sailing dhows finished to the very highest standards of comfort and safety. Is a full day sea adventure tour with lots of fascinating things including swimming, snorkeling, sea foods testing and sailing on a traditional dhow, lunch on the tour.

Dolphin Tour This is a morning excursion, the main attraction of the Dolphin Tour in Zanzibar being able to swim close to the dolphins, actually its swimming with the dolphins. Being very social themselves you can even get to play with them. Dolphins are known for being friendly, but they are wild animals that should be treated with caution and respect. Interactions with people change dolphin behavior for the worse. They lose their natural wariness, which makes them easy targets for vandalism and shark attack.

These dolphins you are visiting are not in captivity or tamed so it important to take precaution. Lunch on the tour Swim with Turtles Half Day swim with turtles in Zanzibar, escape to Northern Zanzibar where a natural lagoon is full of sea turtles. During the visit you can also feed turtles with seaweed or just spend your time in the water with them. Also, you can take snorkeling mask to dive and watch them in their natural environment.

This day you will relax at the beach. Self-movements no program. Option beach spots, horse riding or swimming, skydive, jet ski ridding, swimming etc. Then on the evening guide will take you to sunset cruise.

It will depend on flight schedule; we will take you to the airport then we will say goodbye until we meet you again during transfer to Kilimanjaro where you will connect with your Outbound International flight back home.



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